Dana la Croix og hendes band kommer i Plantagehuset tor. 10 nov. kl. 20

Entre 100-kr. Rytmus arrangerer. Vil du spise med af buffet´en fra Cafe Baghuset fra kl. 18.30 er du velkommen, billet og buffet 225-kr. pr. person, tilmelding til tlf. 2949 0260, eller du kan maile til: spivchris@gmail.com

Det er folk-rock af høj klasse og man fortryder aldrig en koncert med hende.

Se mere på: http://www.danalacroix.com/

While folk and roots music reside at the heart of her work, Canadian-born singer/songwriter, Dana LaCroix, draws from a deeper well that’s also filled with country, R&B, pop, rock and more. Her emotive vocalizing, heartfelt, sophisticated songcraft and superb musicianship are the mark of an artist who knows instinctively how to find her way deep inside of a lyric and take us in there with her. 

Versatile, refined and skilled, LaCroix has attracted such admirers as Canadian legend Gordon Lightfoot, the late Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas, and journalists and radio DJs in the United States, Canada and abroad. 

Her original songs, described by one reviewer as “vivid evocations of… American archetypes” are collected on nher recent cd, Moving On, Looking Back, a retrospective that includes tunes from her previous releases - Pride, ​and the EPs Faith In You and Jump In — as well as some brand new tracks. LaCroix’s musical journey has recently led her to collaborations with other like-minded artists, most notably acclaimed blues guitarist and vocalist, Murali Coryell, (son of guitar legend Larry Coryell) with whom she recorded a Coryell-penned duet, which is featured on the new cd.